Thank you for taking a stand, before it's too late!

Poaching, mining, habitat loss and climate change are threatening their chances of survival.

To donate by phone, or to speak with our Supporter Care Team, please call (852) 2280 4878.

Help us raise HK$48,000 before the year ends! 

As a special thank you for your monthly gift of HK$180 or one-time gift of HK$1,920, we will gratefully send you a sweet snow leopard plush to remind you of the difference you're making every day!

In Mongolia, TNC works with the national government, herding communities and local organizations to protect 30% of the country’s lands by 2030 through the creation of national parks and nature preserves in snow leopard habitat and beyond.

On-site, our scientists, staff and community partners are also:

  • setting camera traps to monitor snow leopard populations and movements, so we know how and where to best protect them;

  • working to ensure healthy populations of snow leopards’ natural prey, like marmots and gazelles, so snow leopards don’t have to attack herders’ livestock to survive;

  • helping herders safeguard their livestock without harming snow leopards.

With your gift, YOU support TNC and community partners working day and night to protect nature, wildlife, and traditional ways of life, as well as the natural resources we all depend on.

Since 1951, supporters just like you have worked with us to protect 52 million hectares of critical habitats.

Together, we can create a world where people AND snow leopards can thrive! 

Every hectare of land and ocean protected, every endangered species brought back from the brink, begins with YOU!